Law: If you’re looking to be the next barrister, solicitor, paralegal, clerk or any other type of legal professional then work experience within the field is paramount. Bright Exchange can play a vital role for you as you pursue a career in law.

Gaining work experience within the law field can help you gain insight on the industry and confirm whether your chosen career path is right for you. This opportunity can also open doors, likewise providing a vital boost to your CV when applying for University, placement and jobs within the sector.

Furthermore, obtaining law work experience is a crucial first step and there are many benefits in which you could profit from as it would help you to ascertain whether you want to study and ultimately practise law. It will also allow you to have a clearer understanding of which career path type you wish to pursue (i.e, wanting to be a barrister or a solicitor) Hands-on law work experience gives you the advanced knowledge that you need in order to take you to another level as it gives you the chance to work for some of the top firms and chambers this country has to offer.

Media: The media industry can at times be considered one of the most daunting industries to break into and chances can be very unlikely, especially if you lack the experience or even the right connections within the industry. However, what most people don’t know is that there is a demand for media professionals within the various major categories. These categories consist of: Newspapers, Television, Magazines, Radio, Film, Production Companies and Event Management.

We can help you break into these different areas to help better your chances of securing your dream job in the future. Building your portfolio through work experience within the media industry helps improve your communication skills, time management attributes and grows your industry knowledge.

Undergoing work experience in such a competitive market can also be challenging as you may feel that you are always in competition with your peers, however it’s more of benefit as you are always learning and can use other colleague’s best practises to help solve problems and come up with solutions.

A piece of advice we can also give is for you to be proactive in your own spare time. Build your own portfolio and create your identity. Start a blog, become a vlogger, or even launch your own podcast; like all other content creators you are building your own platform and can have your own audience to showcase your knowledge, skillset and creativity.

Medical: Medical work experience is useful for anyone considering applying to medicine. It helps you to decide if working within the medical field is right for you. Undergoing work experience within the medical area shows that you are committed to the cause.

Medical work experience is the best way to see what being a doctor, nurse, health practitioner or medical professional is really like. Plus, it will give you plenty to talk about throughout your medical school application.

Whatever work experience you do in the medical field, it’s critical you make it count and learn from it. Many people think doing the placement is enough but it’s only steps one. To stand out, you must reflect on what you’ve seen, remember what you’ve learnt and take it with you back to when you are studying and edging ever so closer to be the next medical professional.


Work experience within this field (more so than most others) can be tiring, especially after a long day, however gaining such knowledge and practise at such an early stage of your career can be immensely beneficially.

Construction: Work experience within this field is a great opportunity for potential construction workers to get a taste of the industry. Helping match construction groups with students helps grow interest and desire to work in this field.

Without the opportunity of work experience in this field could dissuade you from going down this career path. We can ensure you that certain things will be in place to keep you safe. Risk assessments, personal protective equipment (PPE) and health and safety run-throughs will all be in place.

Your role throughout your work experience journey could interchange as you could be helping with office work, shadowing experienced tradespeople such as carpenters or plumbers or even working on site, depending on what you’re interested in.

No matter what kind of construction work experience you do, you’ll be learning skills that employers want. Academic and vocational qualifications like NVQs or SVQs are still important because they show that you have the knowledge for the job, but when you add hands-on work experience it shows that you can put that knowledge into practice.

Architecture: Work experience in the field of architecture is ideal for gaining a sense of how an architecture practice is run and understanding the production processes behind a design project. The opportunity is priceless and speaking to architects and architectural technicians in the practice helps enhance your knowledge within the industry.

It’s quite a straight forward career path, as you are technically studying for 7 years however Work experience can also give you a taster of a variety of different practices, which will help you to start developing your own architectural interests, capability and familiarity. Furthermore, it will give you a good idea of the type of practice you might want to work for in the future and projects.

Sales: A career within sales can refer to various positions within various fields. Such careers are known to offer a high level of flexibility with progression within the field very common.

Seeking experience within the sales field can be extremely useful when wishing to progress in such an industry and Bright Exchange can help provide this. Gaining work experience in this area can help develop skills relating to position- based sales and the communicative aspect of your skillset, with the latter being an integral skill throughout within the various sale industries.

Furthermore, obtaining such experience can make you stand out on your CV, allowing you to catch the attention of employers who wish to see that you have refined the necessary skills and that you are well-informed regarding the ins and outs of selling.

Engineering: Engineering and technicians’ roles are some of the most demanding jobs in the world at this very moment, therefore although sometimes hard to acquire, there are work experience opportunities available that Bright Exchange can help you access; helping you find the role that is perfectly suited for you.

Partaking in a career in such a field can be very rewarding as it is one of the few career options that spans every sector, allowing you to find work wherever you feel most passionately about.

Gaining experience within this field will help put you ahead by giving you first-hand experience within companies and organisations as well as help develop your engineering skills that will be of great value if you chose to progress within this field.

Finance: Fortunately for those who want to work in finance, this is an area you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to work experience opportunities. From colossal monolithic finance companies to small regional firms, there’s a vast amount of opportunities to be found in banking, finance and accountancy.

If you’re looking to be the next top banker, accountant, financial controller or financial auditor then Bright Exchange can help you start off your journey. We’re here to help you find the right firm so that you can learn more about the roles and use your mathematical skills.

Knowing and learning more about the financial world can help give you a better understanding of how businesses operate. It also gives you a taste of the workload required, and you can take on tasks given to you to see how well handle the job.

There are many large firms, like investment banks, venture capitals and hedge funds that are open to students shadowing their employees through work experience and it’s a valuable to these organisations as they want to invest in the next generation.

Creative: Being a graphic designer can be a lucrative and sought-after occupational title to have. Recently there has been a huge wave of interest from students to pursue a career in this field.

If you have a creative talent, hard work ethic and an eye for design then this area could be for you. By gaining work experience in this area you are overcoming some of the barriers that prevent many aspiring designers from reaching their professional goal.

Working within the graphic designing space you are experiencing the subsequent explosion of the internet and the power of having the creative powers can help revolutionise many things.

The design companies that we will be connecting you with are paving the way for a greater number of creative individuals to embark on this inspiring trade.